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Ear Wax Cleaning

Newborn Circumcisions***

Point of Care Ultrasounds

Joint Injections

Trigger Point Injections


Outpatient Laceration Repairs

Cyst Removal

Incision & Drainage of Abscesses

IUD Placement****

Nexplanon Placement****

Pap Smears*

Endometrial Biopsy*

Callous & Nail Trimming

Skin Biopsies*


*Pathology will be charged separately at low cash pricing Example: pap smear diagnostic is under $40.

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* Pathology will be charged separately.

** Pricing is per procedure. Based on appointment availability.
***Dr. Concepcion requires proof of Vitamin K shot prior to circumcision. Oral Vitamin K is not accepted. Why? Read more HERE.

**** IUD and Nexplanon devices not included in pricing.

Dr. Concepcion offers cash-pay IUD and Nexplanon options and can also submit for a IUD through a person's insurance.

Again, as we value transparency, take a look at how our pricing compares to pricing around the nation HERE 

Kaiser cash pricing HERE, CMS coverage HERE.

More about Big Trees MD:

Big Trees MD is a concierge-style Direct Primary Care practice. Allergy, Dermatologic and Procedural care offerings are available to members and non-members. The need for in-home care will be determined based on medical need; the review of lab results, for example,

does not typically require an in home visit.


*Primary service area is within 10 miles of Big Trees MD, home visits are $100.

For in-home visits beyond 10 miles: within 15 miles, in-home visit fee is $130; within 25 miles, in-home visit fee is $150. 

Cash pay price for an urgent care visit locally is around $250 minimum.

In-home visits will not be possible if inclement weather or unavoidable safety concerns exist.

For those who are eligible, up to date Covid-19 vaccination required for in-home care.

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911.


Mother Holding Baby's Hand

Mama & Infant Plans

Preparing Jams

Individual  Plans

Father and Son

Family Plan

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