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The Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Big Trees MD was built to provide unparalleled access.

Through virtual care and in-home visits,

you can get access to your doctor like never before.

Our board-certified full-scope family physicians are trained to handle 80-90% of outpatient concerns, as most family physicians are because they have the time to do so. 

As a member, you are encouraged to make the most of your membership by first asking, "Can my Big Trees MD Doctor do (fill in the blank)? There is a high likelihood that answer is "Yes."

Look at Services & Pricing for more details.

At Home

Better than Dr. Google.

Typical insurance-driven care

is not user-friendly.


That is a fact.


When you have a health question, why put your health at risk potentially by turning to Dr. Google, YouTube or a Facebook group?


Now, you can

text your doctor directly

with questions you may have.

Need stitches? Don't go DIY and delay care or go to the urgent care. Call your Big Trees MD Doctor instead.

Mother and Baby

No one likes taking
a sick kid to the Doctor.

Rash? Fever? Cough?

Kids can get sick at any time.


Taking care of a sick child is never easy and neither is taking a sick child to the doctor's office.


Why push a bad situation?


Over telehealth, your doctor can triage you child and can arrange an in-person same or next day visit.

And, in the meantime, rest knowing assured your doctor already knows your family so your kid doesn't have to get care from a stranger.

Woman with Watch

Your time matters.
Get your care at home.

Has a doctor's visit ever translated into taking time off of work and then sitting waiting for the doctor for what seems like forever just to have a seven minute visit? Ever have to make an appointment just for a lab refill or to go over lab results?

Everyone can relate.


Gone are these days with direct primary care. Don't sacrifice your time.


If necessary, your doctor can

come to you. 

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