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Maryal Concepcion, MD FAAFP


Dr. Concepcion is a board-certified rural family practice physician who has been serving patients in Northern California since 2012 and Calaveras County since 2015. She is ecstatic to be bringing a novel model of medicine to the community! Reflecting on her time as an employed physician, she is choosing to return medical decision making to a place where the doctor and patient make decisions rather than continuing in a model where insurance and administrators determine care and coverage.


She lives in Arnold, CA with her husband, Dr. Jeremiah Fillo and their two sons. 

Nurse Checking Girl


Insurance these days does not guarantee healthcare nor access to care when it is needed.


Big Trees MD is a Direct Primary Care clinic where our mission is simple:  

we are here to provide the personalized healthcare that everyone deserves.


As a board-certified rural family physician, Dr. Concepcion has the skills and resources to take care of your health needs.

Through Direct Primary Care, she also has the time needed to address your health concerns appropriately. She strives to be inclusive of all human beings and pet children too.


As a patient at Big Trees MD, you pay your doctor directly just like you pay a gym membership. Go beyond the limitations of the insurance-driven world and pay for care directly; insurance does not dictate how we provide care. 


Learn more about the practice today to see how we can help you get the care you deserve.



To some, the concept of Direct Primary Care or DPC is just too good to be true.


Take a listen to the many Physicians practicing DPC around the country in the award-winning podcast hosted weekly by Dr. Concepcion.

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