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Your skin will tell you it has a problem long before it becomes a serious problem.

Big Trees MD Skin Cancer Screening Program

The story our skin is trying to tell us is a story we're not very good at recognizing or understanding by ourselves.

The video below shows how our program works with SkinIO when your doctor examines you harnessing the power of AI.

On the Phone

Have a smartphone?

With Big Trees MD and SkinIO, all you need to take control of your skin health is your smartphone to monitor the health of your skin over time the same way a dermatologist does.

The virtual skin screening you can do from the comfort of home.

SkinIO’s guided photo-taking experience ensures you take clinical-grade photos of your skin on your smartphone or tablet.

Close-Up Portrait

Better than a regular skin check.

70-80% of melanomas come from a new spot on the skin; the other 20-30% come from a change to an existing mole.* Tracking changes in your skin can save your life.

With just your smartphone and SkinIO, you can create your digital skin health record -- a lifelong resource that you and your doctor can use to track changes in your skin over time.

*Skin Cancer Foundation. Skin Cancer Facts & Statistics 2020

* Pathology billed separately.

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