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Medical Ear Piercing

Families are looking for a safe ear-piercing alternative. Big Trees MD delivers that experience using the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System.

Why Medical Ear Piercing?

We know Americans suffer from nickel allergies. In fact, 2% of people are born with Nickel Allergy but this jumps to 25% if pierced with an earring which contains nickel. That’s why we use Blomdahl earrings exclusively for our medical ear piercing.  Blomdahl earrings help prevent from post-piercing complications and were developed in consultation with skin specialists and were made to be suitable for everyone, even if one already has an allergy.


We offer piercings with Blomdahl’s Medical Plastic and their Medical Grade Titanium. Their Medical Plastic is the only ear piercing earring in the world with 0% nickel! Blomdahl’s Medical Grade Titanium is the safest of all metals because it binds what little nickel there is extremely well. In other words, little or no nickel is released into the skin and underlying tissue. From an allergy perspective, it is the safest of all metals. Medical Grade Titanium is accepted extremely well by the body and is therefore used more and more in implants and other medical applications, often replacing stainless (surgical) steel.They are specially designed to facilitate healing so that you can easily change to regular earrings after the healing period.

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$100 (single).  $150 (pair).

$129 (single). $199 (pair).

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